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This year I wrote a chapter for Iain Dale’s 2007 Guide to Political Blogging. My chapter is entitled “Starting a Political Blog: Things to Think About.”

This is the introduction to my article (excerpted):

We have all done it - slogging round a no hope street in a no hope constituency in the rain in November on a Saturday or Sunday morning, when we should be at home in bed with our breakfast.

Then, at the last house in the last street, our finger is bitten without warning by a small, homicidal, dog that can just reach the letterbox when it stands on its hind legs.

Writing a blog contains many of these experiences - both the enjoyable and the frustrating. In this article I have focussed on the early days of writing a blog, and on the things you need to know at that stage - through the lens of political campaigning.

My point is that - just like running a political campaign - running a political blog has lots of boring practicalities; there is a lot of “nouse” involved. I have covered some of these practical topics on The Wardman Wire, such as The Google Black Hole, My 21 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog and others.

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